Stop calling workers by their old titles

Started by sue, Oct 14, 2018, 02:34 PM

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Stop calling workers by their old titles ;D


Garden Boy  -> Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist

Petrol attendant  ->  Fuel transmission engineer

Receptionist  -> Front Desk Controller

Typist  -> Printed Document Handler

Messenger  -> Business Communication Conveyer

Window Cleaner  -> Transparent Wall Technician

Temporary Teacher  -> Associate Teacher

Tea Boy  -> Refreshment Director

Garbage Collector  -> Environmental Sanitation Technician

Guard  -> Security Enforcement Director

Thief  -> Wealth Relocation Officer

Driver  -> Automobile Propulsion Specialist

Maid  -> Domestics Managing Director

Cook  -> Food Chemist

Gossiper  -> Oral Research and Evaluation Director
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