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Started by Zeus, Oct 14, 2018, 02:31 PM

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Hello world, hello Uganda :)

The Internet has changed a lot of things  since it has entered our lives. When I first used the internet, I knew almost nothing about the internet. First, I met social media sites and blogs. but I've been most interested in forums. Because in the forums people shared their knowledge and experience, they were socializing without revealing their identity. I have joined many forum sites in Europe and Africa. I knew that Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania have big forums, I complained that there is no forum for Uganda. And I finally started ForumUganda.com 

The purpose of this forum is to bring together the people of Uganda to share all kinds of information, to solve their problems and to socialize. I hope that this forum site, which we started in 2018, grows and becomes a useful forum for all Ugandans.

I thank all of our members. 

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