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Started by Mariam, Oct 11, 2018, 11:48 PM

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 Is that GREEN GOLD changes the lives of Ugandan farmers? 

Yes , Green Gold  is the changes Agriculture, economy and the lives of farmers.Agriculture is the backbone of the economy and contributes to a quarter of national gross domestic product (GDP) and employs 70% of the population. However, the sector is growing at a slow pace below its potential, with annual output growth of only 2% in the last five years. In contrast, East African Community members saw a 5% increase in annual production growth. In the same period, the population of Uganda grew by 3.3% per year.
Promoting commercialization of agriculture through value-added and trade offers prospects for the long-term growth and transformation of Uganda's agriculture. The inclusion of the private sector can provide much-needed financing and allow small-scale farmers to commercialize and generate more returns. Most financial institutions are reluctant to lend to the sector, because farmers often do not take collateral, they are too far away, and this increases the agency's transaction costs if there is no physical banking facilities in the areas. Rain, commodity prices, pests and diseases have too many variables.

The adoption of technology is another unused space that can have a positive impact on productivity. ICTs such as mobile phones provide access to higher incomes - especially female farmers who adopt technology faster - with more information and fewer transaction costs. Among coffee farmers, households using mobile money also get better prices and sell more coffee.
Public institutions have to move forward and work in a more coordinated way. More and better data should be available, such as some district-level statistics, public expenditure assessments, policy analysis, and policy monitoring. In order for agriculture to support the economy as we wish, we must invest in it and have the right policies. At the same time not to intervene in the politics of politics, but rather requires the investment of agriculture in Uganda.


I agree with you but I think they need more investment. State should support t and provide all kinds of convenience to farmers.so it can be successful otherwise there will be external migration.


green or yellow does not matter, I like gold  ;D  

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