Happy Independence Day to all Ugandans

Started by Zeus, Oct 09, 2018, 10:01 AM

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Today is October 9, so today is Independence Day of Uganda

We wish all our fellow Ugandans both at home and in the Diaspora, a wonderful and Happy 56. Independence Day.

We treasure the freedom to tell our own African stories, and hope for a Better, United, Peaceful and more Prosperous Uganda

We are such a diverse Country, let us treasure and Celebrate our rich cultural heritage

For God and My Country


thanks zeus, happy independence day.

true independence is when you have learned to depend on God alone. God bless Uganda!


Happy Independence day to our great nation Uganda ;D

I love Uganda because of its vast species of both plants and animals. Back in the time before the Europeans came to our nation, we lived under kingdoms we exchanged what we had for what we wanted or don't have most of the things were communal,we belied in our small gods then they brought God and  thought us the bible with our eyes closed. when we opened the eyes we had the bible and they had our land and we were ruled by then, they had eliminated batter trade and introduced currency and in every thing they were our masters.
Independence is so that day that we managed to say enough is enough and we cant allow Europeans as our masters any more.
For God and My Country...

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